Whether You Are Working To Save Your Gallbladder, Prepare For Surgery, or Improve Your Health After Gallbladder Surgery We Are Here To Help Support You Every Step Of Your Journey!

Let Your Gallbladder Struggles and Journey Become Your Greatest Health Blessing!

Learn to navigate your gallbladder pain, symptoms, diet and recover fully from gallbladder removal through targeted gallbladder-friendly nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Are You Struggling With…?


Frequent gallbladder attacks or lasting gallbladder pain?


Uncertainty around gallbladder removal surgery?


Difficulty figuring out what foods trigger your gallbladder symptoms?


Gallbladder issues or digestive problems that STILL wear you down, even though you’ve already had your gallbladder removed?


Navigating gallbladder disease is a huge challenge.

So whether you’re just discovering how to manage a gallbladder disease diagnosis, or you’ve had your gallbladder removed in the past– there are TONS of ways you can set your body up for success when it comes to your gallbladder health.

Take Charge of Your Gallbladder Disease

Are You Looking To....


Save Your Gallbladder?

Dealing with gallbladder disease can feel impossible. But you’re not alone. 

If you’re ready to ease your gallbladder pain, prevent future gallbladder attacks, and implement a gallbladder diet full of gallbladder-friendly foods, this is just what you need. 

Prepare For Gallbladder Surgery

The time has come for gallbladder removal surgery. But, how do you get ready for it? 

Your doctor may tell you that gallbladder removal will solve your problems… but this is NOT the case. You can’t just go back to eating whatever you want after gallbladder removal, so it’s essential to learn about a gallbladder diet that will ease your gallbladder symptoms and prevent complications post-removal.


Improve Health After Surgery

If you had your gallbladder removed months to many years ago and struggling with many digestive issues… bloating, diarrhea, constipation, bile/acid reflux, or fatty liver and stubborn weight gain and want to know exactly what you need to do to begin reversing these issues.

The Gallbladder Surgery repair plan is the ONLY post gallbladder surgery program thats not only helping you tackle digestive issues, stubborn weight gain and fatty liver months to years after surgery but teach you long term nutrition and lifestyle habits that promote long term health!

Meet Your Gallbladder Expert– Olivia Haas

Hey Gallbladder Warrior!

If you’re like me… gallbladder disease has knocked. you. down.

I struggled with the frustrations that come with gallbladder disease:

The sudden and painful gallbladder attacks.
The uncertainty about when my gallbladder problems will surface.
The difficulty finding a healthy gallbladder diet.

But after years of navigating this disease, and with my knowledge as a functional nutritionist, I’ve created meal guides, programs, and countless resources to help those going through gallbladder disease.

These are the tools I wish I had… but now they’re here to help YOU resolve your gallbladder issues and focus on a gallbladder-friendly diet and lifestyle for all your years to come!

Together, let’s kick your gallbladder pain to the curb and help you become the healthiest, most empowered gallbladder patient you can be


What My Clients Have Said…

"Working with Olivia has been truly life changing. I had absolutely no idea how much your body chemistry changes after removing your gallbladder(I should, but wasn’t informed). It wasn’t until the 5th month that I began having issues and had no idea what to do. Thankfully I found Olivia and have been working with her the past 3 months. I’ve reversed bile acid diarrhea with no medications!!!!! which I was having on a daily basis. My stools are formed and normal, finally. I’m still working with her to help with gastritis, which I’ve had prior to surgery but she literally does not hesitate to chat with me and help me through any dilemma. I have a long way to go, but I feel so hopeful knowing I have her on my side to help me through this journey. She is so informative and gives you every single tool you need to heal, you just have to truly buckle down and be ready. It’s a journey, but to feel supported by someone with her knowledge… feels amazing. She will change your life."
My gallbladder removal surgery was an emergency, so I had no time to prepare. The doctors did not provide accurate advice for recovery (i.e. "you can eat the way you did before surgery"), and she helped me understand what was going on in my body post-recovery. She was very good at issue spotting based on my symptoms, gave me a really great plan with easy and delicious recipes, and accommodated my personal needs (i.e. hormonal imbalance after IUD removal). She's also just very kind, understanding, and supportive, which was great during such a confusing time with my body.
I finally felt like I wasn't alone. Olivia's knowledge is priceless. Her easy going, laid back approach is exactly what I needed. After having an episode in Jan 2019, I wasn't told I had gallstones in till about 8 months later. I was looked at like I was crazy, that the discomfort I was experiencing daily, was all in my head. Once I found out I had stones, I wanted to know why. Only thing was no doctor, specialist, or surgeon could them me that. I knew that I didn't want to have surgery, if it was avoidable. I felt so lost, them came Olivia on IG. I was finally able to connect some dots, eliminate some trigger foods and the discomfort on my side started to go away. This course for me was priceless. Finally, someone that could give me answers and give me the power of my own health, back in my hands.

We are here to support you every step of your gallbladder journey....



Looking for personalized recommendations based on your situation, diet, and lifestyle needs? Get individualized feedback and gallbladder diet recommendations with one-on-one counseling.

This customized approach lets you dive deep into your needs as a gallbladder disease patient, whether you still have your gallbladder, or you’re recovering from gallbladder removal.



The Gallbladder Saver Society is a monthly membership packed with details and top information on easing gallbladder pain and gallbladder attacks with gallbladder disease.

Full of educational resources, meal plans, support through live Q&As, and a private community of other gallbladder warriors– it’s the perfect place to get all you need to feel confident and empowered as a gallbladder disease patient.


Gallbladder Surgery Support

The Gallbladder Surgery repair plan is the ONLY post gallbladder surgery program that’s not only helping you tackle digestive issues, stubborn weight gain and fatty liver months to years after surgery but teach you long term nutrition and lifestyle habits that promote long term health!

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