Gallbladder Surgery Repair Plan

Optimize Your Health Without a Gallbladder

Get a clear step by step path to reclaim your health after gallbladder surgery.

Whether you are months or years after gallbladder surgery, start today to restore your health by reversing common post surgery digestive issues, fatty liver, stubborn weight gain, fatigue so that you can feel confident in your body and health once again!

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The Gallbladder Removal Reset

Optimize Your Health Without a Gallbladder

Live your life to the fullest without a gallbladder with the Gallbladder Removal Reset– a self-paced, step-by-step nutrition and lifestyle program guiding you to restore your health post-gallbladder removal. 

The Gallbladder Removal Reset

Feel Confident About Your Body and Long-Term Wellness Without a Gallbladder

You’ve likely been told that gallbladder removal surgery will fix your digestive issues.
Or that you can eat whatever you want after gallbladder removal.

If you anticipated everything to be perfectly normal after surgery, 

We know this is NOT the case!

Almost half of cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) patients experience pre-gallbladder symptoms following gallbladder removal.

We often aren’t fully educated on how to best nourish our bodies after recovering from gallbladder removal surgery. Your doctor or surgeon may not give you the tools you need to enhance your long-term health after your operation.

But you’re not alone! Whether you’re planning for gallbladder removal surgery, or you’ve already gone through it– support options, educational guidance, and answers DO exist.

Imagine After Surgery…

The Gallbladder Removal Reset

Gallbladder removal isn’t a quick fix. And if you were thinking that it was, I’m sorry for the letdown! But being educated on nutrition and lifestyle without a gallbladder will get you feeling back to your healthiest self. 

The Gallbladder Surgery Repair Plan program will give you the confidence you need to make choices that benefit your life now and in the long run. 

Ready to promote your health and learn to love your life without a gallbladder? 

Check out some of the results our students are having in the Gallbladder Removal Reset

Still Have Symptoms Even Without a Gallbladder?

If you’re someone who’s recently had their gallbladder removed, or it’s been years without it, you may have had feelings like this before…

These are common feelings among people who have gotten their gallbladder removed. You’re not alone. But these symptoms can be preventable with the right knowledge. 

The Gallbladder Removal Reset

The Gallbladder Removal Reset is here to help YOU. 

Get the solutions you need to LIVE YOUR LIFE without excessive worrying.
Start to love food again and use it as nourishment.
Get relief from bile dumping, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, and bloating.

You’re ready for a root cause approach. You’re ready to understand your body without a gallbladder. And you’re ready to be in control of your health. 

The Gallbladder Removal Reset has the tools you need. 

No restrictions. No fad diets. 

Just supportive education and nutrition guidance on feeling your best post-removal.  

Improve Life After Surgery the Right Way With Gallbladder Surgery Repair Plan

The Gallbladder Removal Reset
The Gallbladder removal reset is my most comprehensive success program.
The 4 phase approach guides you through the exact steps my clients have used to:
The Gallbladder Removal Reset

Build a sustainable and stress-free gallbladder removal diet

The Gallbladder Removal Reset

Optimize digestion

The Gallbladder Removal Reset

Restore the gut and liver health

The Gallbladder Removal Reset

Support hormones

And you’ll have support every step of the way. 
Restoring health without a gallbladder can take time. So when you join the Gallbladder Removal Reset, you join a community of others just like you that have been able to reclaim their lives without a gallbladder. Get the support you need from them, all while you navigate the course.

What’s Inside…

The Gallbladder Removal Reset

7 Learning Modules

Jam-packed courses with education all about gallbladder removal, what to expect post-op, and gallbladder removal diet recommendations

The Gallbladder Removal Reset

Support and Community

1-year unlimited access to the Gallbladder Removal Reset private community and 1-year support with twice-monthly Q & A sessions and 4 Guest Speakers

The Gallbladder Removal Reset


Helpful nutrition resources and recipes and An 8-week gallbladder removal meal plan for animal and plant-based diets

Your body CAN survive without a gallbladder, but removal does change digestion. Here, we discuss the basics of body changes post-gallbladder removal

Topics include: 

  • -Life Without a Gallbladder 
  • -Symptoms After Gallbladder Removal
  • -What to Expect from the Gallbladder Removal Reset

Your transformation starts here. Learn to nourish your body with quality nutrients daily.

Topics include:

  • -Gallbladder Removal Diet Foundation: foods to eat and foods to avoid 
  • -Nutrition recommendations to benefit your long-term health
  • -Macronutrients
  • -Cleaning out your pantry and reading food labels 
    -Blood sugar-balancing meals that reduce inflammation



    • -Grocery list
    • -8-week sample meal plan
    • -Reading food labels
    • -Supplement cheat sheet 

Understand why gallbladder removal changes the physiology of your digestion, and how to fix it. Learn strategies to enhance your digestion so you’re absorbing your foods properly. 

Topics include:

  • -Digestion 101
  • -Digestion changes after gallbladder removal
  • -How to support and improve digestion without a gallbladder
  • -Functional digestive support



  • -Digestive Guide

Gut and Liver stress post-gallbladder removal surgery can cause symptoms and pain. Discover protocols to reverse digestive issues after gallbladder removal.

Topics include:

  • -The importance of gut health
  • -How to test gut integrity
  • -Probiotics vs. prebiotics
  • -Leaky gut, SIBO, H-pylori 
  • -Functional testing
  • -Integrative strategies for common symptoms


  • -Gut health quiz
  • -Probiotics vs. prebiotics handout
  • -Functional testing handout

Gain the knowledge to prevent fatty liver disease or manage its symptoms effectively

Topics include:

  • -Liver 101
  • -Signs of sluggish liver
  • -Causes of poor liver function
  • -Steps to support your liver after removal
  • -Detoxification strategies 



  • -Liver quiz
  • -Castor oil pack
  • -Detox bath 


Learn the basics of hormone balance without a gallbladder.

Topics include:

  • -Hormones 101
  • -Signs of hormone imbalance 
  • -Estrogen dominance  
  • -Eating for your menstrual cycle
  • -Minerals for hormone support 



  • -Hormone quiz 
  • -Minerals 101 
  • -Eating for your menstrual cycle guide


Here’s where you can truly implement all you’ve learned for long-term health

Topics include:

  • -Ongoing lifestyle support
  • -Best exercise for support after gallbladder removal
  • -80/20 or 90/10 rule to sustainable health
  • -Stress Management

What Gallbladder Surgery Repair Plan Can Do for You…

The Gallbladder Removal Reset
The Gallbladder Removal Reset
The Gallbladder Removal Reset

Meet Olivia, the Woman Behind Gallbladder Surgery Repair Plan

Olivia Haas

Hey fellow Gallbladder Warrior! I’m Olivia and I’m so happy you’re here taking initiative on your health. I’m a functional gallbladder nutritionist, and my passion for this career is because I’ve struggled with gallbladder disease, too. 

I hear the frustration and confusion around trying to manage gallbladder disease. And although I’m still fighting to keep my gallbladder, more than 80% of my clients are post-op without a gallbladder. 

I live in your shoes daily. And I’m so damn passionate about helping people like you after their gallbladder removal surgery. I created my nutrition business Gallbladder Diet because I want you to feel better supported, heard, educated, and most importantly…feel like your best self.  

I created this program with your goals and intentions in mind. It’s all the things I cover in my One-on-One support, bundled into one course with ongoing guidance and a supportive community. 

I’m here to help you regain your health post-op, and I can’t wait to support you! 

Ready to Get Started?

Gallbladder Surgery Repair Plan Pricing

Payment Plan:

Three monthly payments of $170

One Payment:

of $497

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re in the right place if you’re planning for a gallbladder removal surgery, OR if you’ve already gone through it and you’re experiencing symptoms like heartburn, bile dumping, diarrhea, constipation, stubborn weight gain, funky periods, reflux, bile reflux, or SIBO. 

Get ready to start reversing your symptoms! 

This course provides you not only with tons of educational content but also offers live support from me, as well as a community full of your classmates going through the same thing as you. 

There are tons of resources, and you’ll have meal plans and nutrition guides that you can implement right away– and use forever.  

Coaching calls are scheduled bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 11:30 am PST and Mondays at 4 pm PST.

100%! A section in my program walks you through strategies immediately following gallbladder removal.

You’re still in the right place! This program is for you whether your surgery was a month or years ago. You can still benefit from the tools in the Gallbladder Removal Reset. 

You’re still in the right place! This program is for you whether your surgery was a month or years ago. You can still benefit from the tools in the Gallbladder Removal Reset. 

The bi-weekly calls are at 10 am and 5 pm PST. Recordings are available.

Send me a DM on Instagram: @gallbladder.nutritionist or visit the Gallbladder Diet website contact page

The Gallbladder Removal Reset

Start Feeling Like Your Best Without A Gallbladder

You deserve to feel your best. You deserve to have ALL the knowledge at your fingertips about gallbladder removal recovery. 
It’s time to put yourself first and do something now that will benefit your health through all the years to come. 
Start to feel like yourself again, and don’t let gallbladder disease or removal symptoms keep you from enjoying life’s every moment. 
Join the Gallbladder Removal Reset course and community to give your body what it deserves to live a long and healthy life– without a gallbladder! 
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