About Me

…and my personal journey to gallbladder health

Olivia is passionate about empowering individuals to lead healthier lifestyles so that they can live a long, happy, and fulfilling life! As a Holistic Wellness Educator, her goal is to give people tools to understand the mind, body, soul connection and create sustainable, long term healthy habits with food, exercise, sleep, self-care and mindfulness.

Olivia received the Certification of Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University and is in progress to become a Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Professional. She is currently enrolled in a Master of Science in Nutrition program and plans to continue with her Doctorate. Olivia is also a Certified Cannabis Wellness Educator and prior to her education in nutrition completed a bachelor’s in business and Marketing from Cal Poly Pomona.

Olivia became passionate about all thing’s health and wellness from her own personal health struggles. Being diagnosed with hypothyroidism in her early 20’s she was given a choice to take several different medications or change her lifestyle. Olivia left the doctors office that day and focused on changing her lifestyle. She became obsessed with learning how to heal herself naturally. It was not always a smooth road and unfortunately, Olivia developed gallbladder disease years later. Again, she made the choice to heal herself naturally and has prevented gallbladder surgery to this day. A healing journey is difficult at times but so rewarding in the end.

Olivia’s health struggle became her blessing. Today, Olivia works with individuals with wide ranges of conditions but specializes in hormone balancing and gallbladder disease. Outside of social media, she partners with local meal prep companies and physicians to help their patients reduce inflammation, pain, and anxiety by improving digestive and brain function.

As a practitioner, Olivia helps advise individuals on how to improve diet, lifestyle, and attitude to prevent disease. She does not diagnose illnesses or prescribe therapy to treat disease. Olivia does not claim or advertise that her services treat, cure, or prevent any type of disease.

Your testimony is ours


Olivia always made me feel seen and heard with my symptoms and challenges. It was helpful to know she has been through on her gallbladder journey and can relate to what Im experiencing. Olivia is extremely responsive and that helped relive a lot of anxiety. She also provides you many resources! I really appreciate the support from Olivia and have been amazed with the progress my body has made. Within 30 days I was off PPIS, after 6 months I reversed gallbladder sludge and currently am working to improve biliary dyskinesia but I know with the tools she provided I feel more confident along my way.

~ Nicole

I finally felt like I wasn’t alone. Olivias knowledge is priceless. Her easy going, laid back approach is exactly what I needed. After having an episode in Jan 2019, I wasn’t told I had gallstones until 8 months later. I was looked at like I was crazy. Working with Olivia was priceless. Finally someone that could give me the answers and give me the power of my own health back in my hands. Working with Olivia the discomfort on the upper right side has almost gone away. I can sleep on my side after 2 years!

~ Alesha

All my goals were met working with Olivia. I had to have immediate gallbladder surgery and she helped take all the guesswork out of the recovery. She provided a solid plan and I feel better everyday. I lost the needed weigth with ease for the first time, regulated my bowel functions, learned easy healthy recipes and overall had minimal GI issues post recovery. Would have been lost without her!

~ Allison

My gallbladder surgery was an emergency, so I had no time to prepare. The doctors did not provide accurate advice for recovery and she helped me understand what was going on with my body post surgery. She was very good at issue spotting based on symptoms, gave me a really great plan with easy and delicious recipes and accommodated my personal needs. She's also very kind, understanding, and supporting which was great during such a confusing time with my body. Post surgery my GI symptoms have been reduced to almost none. I have a lot less inflammation, bloating, my hormones are much more balanced and PMS lessened.

~ Mary

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